Which Essential Oils Should You Buy?

It can be tricky navigating all the essential oil bottles.

I know. For years I struggled with knowing which ones were better, purer, more potent, and which ones I should buy! I didn’t want to buy essential oils just to experiment with purity! I tried to go by smell, but that was tricky, and I ended up with a lot of little half-used bottles that I was really disappointed in.

See, I had this theory that essential oils were good for me. Really good for me! If only I could figure out effective ways to use them. But the more I tried to use cheap, inferior oils that were probably diluted with who-knows-what, the more I got really disappointed. Kind of burned out, actually. Close to giving up on the whole idea. I was tired of spending money on oils that just didn’t work.

And then I stumbled across doTERRA. I just want to say that at first, I was a real skeptic. I thought doTERRA and all the “big name” companies were just fads and scams, and ways for people to make lots of money on inferior products. I was basing my skepticism on my knowledge of and experience with other essential oils that had been less than satisfying. I was convinced they couldn’t be as good as I kept hearing.

The thing about doTERRA is, they have a great community. I was invited to be a part of that community and I watched a few tutorials and classes and the wheels started turning. These people were actually claiming to do amazing things with these oils. Was that really possible?

I didn’t know, but I really wanted to find out. My essential oil fire was half-kindled again and I was super eager to try a few of the oils and see for myself. I met with a friend who shared a few, and convinced enough I ordered a kit so I could try some of my own.

The minute I started using those oils my life turned upside down. I am not even kidding. Each day as I learned more and more ways to use the oils, I was shocked that it had taken me so long to figure this out! Shocked and so excited. These oils were so pure, so potent, so amazingly different than anything I had used before. Guys, I’m not an exaggerative type of person (believe me, that is annoying), so when I say that these oils are amazing, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. AMAZING.


What’s So Different About doTERRA? 

I could go on and on about the reasons I love this company, but let me just give you a few.

  1. Their oils are all Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. That may not mean a lot to some people who have burned by “pure” essential oils (like me!), but let me tell you what that means. doTERRA has raised the bar in the essential oil industry. They do not use any fillers, any artificial ingredients, any pesticides, and there are no dilutions. How do I know this? All of the plants used for the oils are grown in their ideal environments all around the world, and the essential oils go through SIX levels of testing to ensure purity and potency. This testing is done in a 3rd party Facility! This level of purity gives me confidence when buying my oils from them.
  2.  dOTERRA is a company with integrity. It is obvious in working with them that they are committed to doing everything possible to ensure quality. They don’t cut corners and costs, they are generous and concerned about the welfare of others, and they are committed to sustainable sourcing and impacting the lives of growers, distillers, and many others around the world. I love working for a company like that, and I love supporting their work and integrity by buying my oils from them. Check out this awesome video about their co-impact sourcing!
  3. Along with that, doTERRA offers quality ID test results from EVERY BATCH of essential oils. You can go to THIS SITE and enter the number found on the bottom of each bottle and they will give you the test results of that batch. So you can see for yourself how pure your oil is, the one in your hand! I think this is awesome. A company trying to hide stuff would not offer you this.
  4. Their oils pass the test in my home. They really work! And by work I mean that I can tell their purity and quality in everything I use them for. I feel completely safe taking them internally, using them on my children, using them in my foods, and around my home. They are wonderfully powerful oils and that power can be felt in every drop. I’ve had so many experiences where someone was hurting or not feeling well and I reached for a bottle of doTERRA to help them, and IT WORKED! Sometimes almost instant relief. That is worth the money all in itself.

Why You Should Never Buy Oils from Amazon or a Supermarket 

Tampering is real, guys. Fillers, additives, substitutions, all of that can happen and does happen. Higher priced oil bottles can be filled with all sorts of things and sold for reasonable prices, making it seem that you got a deal, when you really didn’t at all! Even doTERRA bottles are able to be opened without cracking the seal and potentially filled with anything.

Don’t buy your oils that way. Be smart about what you’re getting. Be sure it’s real. Be sure it’s pure. 

Where Should You Buy Oils?

Here is where I raise my hand and say “Me! Pick me!” Because, yes! I can and really want to help you get oils!! I can help you get all of doTERRA’s products 25-55% off the retail price!  doTERRA offers amazing rewards, points, promotions, and so much more. If you are interested read Become a Wholesale Customer, Work With Me, or contact me to find out more.

The point is, if you want doTERRA’s oils, you should only buy them from doTERRA. And you never have to pay the full retail price (EVER!), if you sign up through me as a wellness advocate or wholesale member. This is what makes the oils so much more affordable and realistic even for tight budgets. They really are worth the price when you are guaranteed the purity and quality. And I can personally attest that the purity and quality are superior to every oil company on the market.

I truly believe you can change your family’s life with essential oils and drastically make a difference in your healthcare. And that is worth its weight in gold, in my opion! 



***A Note about Young Living Oils

Many people compare doTERRA and Young Living and think they are pretty similar. This is true, they both have similar quality and somewhat similar prices. However, I’ve chosen doTERRA over Young Living for several reasons:

  1. doTERRA’s oils are a bit cheaper. This was my initial reason, and I’m really glad I went with that decision!
  2. Young Living has been in a several-year-long legal debate with doTERRA which was finally settled recently. I’m so happy that doTERRA came out clean in this. It really came down to YL trying to accuse doTERRA with several unfounded charges. You can read HERE for more info.
  3. Young Living owns all of their farms. While a lot of people like the control that this provides, I don’t. I don’t think it’s great, or sustainable, to monopolize the industry. Instead, doTERRA seeks to work with local, indigenous farmers and distilleries to help provide jobs to local people and support those farmers and distillers. You can read more HERE. I love this because I think it’s awesome to provide these people, many of whom have a hard time making a living, with sustainable and good-paying jobs. This also provides opportunities to serve these communities.
  4. Better Quality. I have never tried YL, so I cannot personally attest to this, but I have several friends who used to work for or use YL oils, and they switched to doTERRA. That probably speaks for itself, but they shared with me that they just found doTERRA’s oils to be better quality, hands down. So that was helpful in my decision-making as well.
  5. **update (9.20.17) This past Monday an article was released letting the public know that Young Living has been sentenced for several illegal violations concerning the sourcing/importing of their oils and has been fined $760,000, among other things (Source).It’s a pretty big deal, and I’m even more thankful I haven’t gone with this company. I truly do not mean to offend anyone that sells/uses YL products, I recognize that they are good products! However, I think it’s important to let you know the facts. I personally could not work for/buy from a company that will cut corners like that. I cannot trust their ethics or even that their products are as pure as they say. If they were willing to cut corners here, where else have they done the same?



Laura Beall is a lifestyle blogger and writes about simple living, faith, family, and motherhood. She is an essential oil educator and shares simple DIYs, recipes and tutorials for using essential oils and natural remedies. She also shares her love for food and nourishing recipes. She lives with her husband and 3 children in Kansas City Missouri where she works from home, homeschools, and enjoys being outdoors and gardening.

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