Savoring the Savior: a Bible Reading Plan for December

I’ve been a bit of a floater in my Bible lately just because I finished up with one study and am planning to do another read through the whole Bible starting in January. That’s left me thinking about December and what I want to study/read during the month.

I decided that I’d really like to spend some time savoring Jesus more throughout the scriptures. I want to see more of the whole picture of who Jesus is throughout the Bible and be able to really soak in the meaningfulness of prophecies and fulfillment about the Messiah.

This plan isn’t exhaustive, by any means. I pieced together some of the clearest passages and a few of the obscure but truly amazing passages. It is a reading commitment! It’s not a mere 10 verses a day or anything like that (I really don’t believe those kinds of reading plans are effective because you miss so much of the context). This will be some jumping around, but I’ve tried to minimize that as much as possible.

Each day will have an Old Testament passage, a Psalm, and a chapter of Matthew (with a couple exceptions). That way you’ll get to experience the prophecies and fulfillment alongside each other. I’m truly excited about this plan. It’s rigorous, but I think will be well worth the time invested!

Creating a consistent quiet time is so important, and worth our effort and sacrifice to make it happen! I hope you’ll find time in the busyness of the holidays to slow down and savor the things that are truly important.

If you would like to join, I’d love to hear from you so we can support each other! You can email me at!

Before we get to the plan, here are a few notes about Bible Study in general, and how you can make yours more meaningful!

Questions to Deepen Your Reflection

I find that it’s good to have some questions prepared ahead of time when I read so I know what to look for, what to meditate on, and what to ask myself. Here are a few helpful ones, and you could definitely think of more! I am writing these out in the leaf of my Bible so I can remember them each day!

What did I learn about Jesus?
What can I praise him for today?
How should this change my attitude today?
Is there a command for me to obey?
Is there an example to follow?
Is there a promise to remember?
Is there a sin to avoid?
Is there a principle to follow?

(I gleaned a few of these from this source)

Ways to Make Your Bible Study Deeper

I also love to spend some time marking, taking notes, and really digging into certain passages. I understand we won’t all have the same amount of time to spend on our reading each day, but if you can set aside a bit of extra time to zoom in on your text I think you’ll add so much color and flavor!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to do that!

Mark Things! I like to use a mechanical pencil or a very fine-tipped pen that won’t bleed (Millenium Zig pens are best for this!)
Write Down Observations: What does it say? What have I never noticed before?
Figure Out the Interpretation: What does it mean? Not “what does it mean to ME?” but rather, “what was it intended to mean to the original hearers?”
Discover Insight: What do I see? What is there in the context the sheds light on this passage? What helps me to understand this on a deeper level? Are there parallels in the rest of Scripture that help me understand this better?
Make Applications: What does it do? How should what I read change the way I live? What does this passage mean for my life?
Try not to pull out the commentaries and study bibles. This is to make your study deeper and help YOU dig into the text yourself, not just read how to interpret it.
Take notes!! I like to keep a notebook handy for writing down thoughts and things that I wouldn’t mark in my Bible. This is a great place for you to answer the questions we asked above!!


Okay, so, if you’re ready, here’s the plan! I wish you a holiday season full of joy in your Savior, awe in the Lord’s amazing plan throughout history, and deeper love for your Bible!!



Savoring the Savior Bible Reading Plan

December 1 Genesis 1, 2, 3 Psalm 2, 8 Matthew 1
December 2 Genesis 12, 15 Psalm 9 Matthew 2
December 3 Genesis 17, 22 Psalm 16 Matthew 3
December 4 Genesis 28 Psalm 17 Matthew 4
December 5 Isaiah 1, 2 Psalm 22 Matthew 5
December 6 Isaiah 6, 7 Psalm 23, 24 Matthew 6
December 7 Isaiah 8, 9 Psalm 30, 31 Matthew 7
December 8 Isaiah 11, 12 Psalm 34 Matthew 8
December 9 Isaiah 25, 26 Psalm 35 Matthew 9
December 10 Isaiah 28, 29 Psalm 38 Matthew 10
December 11 Isaiah 32, 33 Psalm 40 Matthew 11
December 12 Isaiah 35, 40 Psalm 41 Matthew 12
December 13 Isaiah 41, 42 Psalm 45 Matthew 13
December 14 Isaiah 43, 44 Psalm 55 Matthew 14
December 15 Isaiah 45, 46 Psalm 68 Matthew 15
December 16 Isaiah 48, 49 Psalm 69 Matthew 16
December 17 Isaiah 50, 52 Psalm 72 Matthew 17
December 18 Daniel 2, 7 Psalm 78 Matthew 18
December 19 Daniel 9, 10 Psalm 80 Matthew 19
December 20 Jeremiah 23 Psalm 88, 89 Matthew 20
December 21 Jeremiah 31, 33 Psalm 90 Matthew 21
December 22 Ezekiel 34, 35, 36, 37 Psalm 91 Matthew 22
December 23 Isaiah 53, Micah 5 Psalm 97, 100 Matthew 23
December 24 Isaiah 54, 55 Psalm 102 Luke 1
December 25 Isaiah 59, 60 Psalm 109 Luke 2
December 26 Isaiah 61, 66 Psalm 110, 112 Matthew 24
December 27 Zechariah 3, 6 Psalm 118 Matthew 25
December 28 Zechariah 9, 10 Psalm 129, 132 Matthew 26
December 29 Zechariah 11, 12 Psalm 138 Matthew 27
December 30 Joel 1, 2, 3, Psalm 139 Matthew 28
December 31 Malachi 4, 5 Psalm 147 Revelation 4, 5

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