Frankincense: 10 Ways to Use this Majestic Oil

Frankincense is one of the most beautiful oils on the planet. Called the “King of Oils,” it’s a rare and precious oil that has been used for thousands of years! It’s most renowned for its use in religious practices and meditations, and is found throughout history. The Bible talks about Frankincense at least 17 times, and it was a gift from the Magi to the baby Jesus. Nearly all major religions have Frankincense in their history, including ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists.

The word “Frankincense” comes from the Old French words “franc” and “incense,” meaning, “pure incense.” (the word “incense” comes from the Latin “incindere” which means “to burn.”)

“Frankincense offers an astounding amount of health benefits! It is often used to relieve stress and anxious feelings, reduce discomfort and inflammation, soothe skin irritations, provide a powerful boost for the immune system, and so much more! Because of it’s high percentages of alpha-pinene and thujene, chemical compounds, it provides incredible support for the body on a cellular level and is even able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

doTERRA’s Frankincense is a combination of three species: Boswellia frereana, Boswellia carterii, and Boswellia sacra. This is a powerful combination that provides the best chemical compounds from all three species. doTERRA’s Frankincense is sourced from Somalia. Here’s a fun video explaining a little of how the sourcing works:

Here are 10 ways to use Frankincense!

  1. Keep healthy cells! Frankincense has been shown to promote healthy cells. Take 2-3 drops daily to support cellular health, regenerate cells and promote new cell growth. Sometimes we add it to our coffee or other drinks in the morning, but most of the time I take it with my supplements. It has a woody flavor that is not unpleasant at all!
  2. Ease inflammation and swelling with Frankincense. Simply apply Frankincense where it hurts. Add 3-5 drops of Frankincense to a dime sized amount of carrier oil and massage into the uncomfortable area. By diluting it you’ll be allowing the oil to stay on your skin longer and be absorbed deeper. Frankincense will allow the area to relax, increase circulation, and provide relief.
  3. Open up your mind. Frankincense has long been used for meditation and prayer. It has properties that allow your mind to focus well. It’s the perfect choice for my quiet time in the morning, for times when I’m studying or writing something or trying to read a book. It really does help calm everything going on around me and help me hone in on what I’m needing to focus on!
  4. Promote healthy respiration. A powerful aid for your respiratory system, Frankincense works to soothe inflammation in the bronchial and nasal passages. Add a bit to the diffuser, put a few drops in your hands and inhale, or massage some into your chest and breathe deeply.
  5. Minimize stretch marks, wrinkles, and scars. Because of its amazing ability to regenerate cells, Frankincense is a great choice for any damaged or stretched skin issues. Massage 2-3 drops into your trouble areas daily to promote new tissue growth. It can also help to brighten complexion and tone the skin.
  6. Support breast health. Frankincense is a powerful antioxidant, which means it can help fight free radicals in the body. This, in turn, helps support healthy cells. Studies show that Frankincense can be effective in supporting healthy breast tissue and diminishing risks of major breast health issues. I like to make a breast oil that I use for breast massages. It’s a wonderful way to include frankincense and other breast-healthy oils in your routine!
  7. Support a healthy immune system! Give your immune system a powerful boost with frankincense. Equipped with antioxidant powers, as well as anti-bacterial properties, Frankincense helps to fight against environmental threats by supporting healthy cellular function. Our cells are basically our immune system, so when we involve Frankincense in our daily routine we are able to get some huge benefits for our bodies and our health! Take it internally, apply to your throat  or feet, or diffuse Frankincense. We make an immune boosting roller blend for our kids and use it on their feet every night. Frankincense is definitely in it!
  8. Relieve tension and chronic discomfort. Frankincense is a great choice for people who suffer with chronic inflammation issues. It’s so helpful for relieving tension in the head and neck area, in joints, and muscles. Dilute and massage into trouble areas. Consider taking internally as well for even greater support.
  9. Soothe little cuts, scrapes, wounds, bruises, and bumps. I use Frankincense daily on my kiddos. We often combine it with melaleuca and lavender and it’s such a gentle and natural support for all the skin issues my kids face. You can make a super simple owie spray with these three oils! (recipe) Frankincense is cleansing, soothing, and helps the swelling go down almost instantly.
  10. Balance moods, emotions, trauma, anxious feelings, and so much more! Frankincense is one of the most grounding, soothing oils in the world. It’s well-known for it’s ability to support emotional balance. Take Frankincense internally, diffuse, or apply to support healthy moods, soothe anxious feelings, ease feelings of fear or grief, and promote positive thoughts and productivity.

As one of my doTERRA leaders has said numerous times, “when in doubt, get the Frank out.” Frankincense really does help with so many things, it’s an amazing oil, and one that I think every household should have!

Live Simply + Love Deeply + Oil Abundantly!

Love, Laura 



Laura Beall is a lifestyle blogger and writes about simple living, faith, family, and motherhood. She is an essential oil educator and shares simple DIYs, recipes and tutorials for using essential oils and natural remedies. She also shares her love for food and nourishing recipes. She lives with her husband and 3 children in Kansas City Missouri where she works from home, homeschools, and enjoys being outdoors and gardening.

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