DIY Warming Hand and Foot Rub

Just listened to the weatherman predict record lows for our New Year’s Eve. Like, cold, cold. Like 20 below 0 cold with a windchill of -35!! That’s reeeeaaallly cold for this California transplant. And it’s cold for the Midwest, for sure.

Anyway, I’m preparing to batten down the hatches and thinking about not going aaaaanywhere for several days.

I’ve been meaning to make this rub for a while, and the forecast prompted me into action!

I have some circulation issues, especially during the cold months. My extremities tend to get icy cold really fast, and sometimes I can’t even feel my toes. Even with thick wool socks AND slippers on. It’s miserable sometimes!! This is why I’m not a fan of Winter, don’t like sledding or skiing, and don’t even really like going outside in the snow all that much, because I turn into a human icicle.

I can’t claim my rub has solved all of my Winter woes, but I can tell you this: this stuff is awesome!

I put some on my hands a bit ago and 10 minutes later felt a rush of heat throughout my body. My hands feel pleasantly warm as I’m typing, are moisturized, and smell delightfully like Christmas. Win!

It’s really simple to make, and will be so nice to have “on hand” this Winter (sorry… couldn’t help myself!).

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Essential Oils

Here are the oils I chose to use in this (you could really use any warming oils that improve circulation, but I love this blend and it smells really good):

  • Cypress: is an energizing oil, restores circulation and blood flow and is known as an oil of progress.
  • Black Pepper: increases circulation and warms locally. Can be taken internally or used topically to increase warmth.
  • Cassia: Increases warmth topically and internally (while boosting immunity!), and boosts metabolism.
  • Eucalyptus: Great for sore muscles (and provides a bit of a cooling sensation to give the rub an “icy hot” feel)
  • Ginger: Great for sore muscles and spasms, is warming on skin (and internally) and also increases immunity.

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Ways to Use the Rub:

Just take a small scoop and massage into your hands or feet. Apply a warm compress for extra warmth, or I like to put on some socks. Rubbing your hands together quickly before you apply will create some friction and heat in your hands, making the application warmer. It will also help the oils absorb more quickly into your bloodstream. This is also a nice rub for back pain or menstrual cramps and can be applied the same way. It will help relieve cramps and spasms while providing a warming sensation.

** Don’t apply on the face. Keep away from ears, mouth, and eyes. Use caution if using on children (I wouldn’t recommend using this on anyone under 3 at all). Nursing women should use caution, also, as it may decrease milk supply.

How to Make:


  • 1/2 cup of oil (I used a mix of coconut oil and calendula infused sunflower oil, but you can use whatever carrier oil you prefer)
  • 2 Tbsp organic beeswax
  • 15-20 drops of each cypress, cassia, black pepper, ginger, and eucalyptus


Melt your carrier oil and beeswax over medium heat in a double boiler (or heat safe glass in a small saucepan with 1-2 inches of water). Once the beeswax is completely melted, remove from heat. Add the essential oils and mix well. Pour into a shallow jar or tin and allow to cool.

Store in a cool, dry place. Use as needed!

Hoping you stay warm and well this Winter!




Laura Beall is a lifestyle blogger and writes about simple living, faith, family, and motherhood. She is an essential oil educator and shares simple DIYs, recipes and tutorials for using essential oils and natural remedies. She also shares her love for food and nourishing recipes. She lives with her husband and 3 children in Kansas City Missouri where she works from home, homeschools, and enjoys being outdoors and gardening.

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