Why I Chose doTERRA & How it Has Changed My Life

As an essential oil sharer I get lots of questions about oils.

Probably the biggest one, though, and the one most often asked, is, “why dōTERRA?”

It’s a legitimate question, and one I asked a few times too. “Why dōTERRA? What about dōTERRA makes it better than all the other essential oil companies out there (many of which are cheaper, might I add…), and what makes you love it so much?”

I can remember having a conversation about essential oils with a few of my friends. I had done a *little* amount of research and considered myself knowledgeable and laughed something like “Oh, I can never buy dōTERRA’s oils… they’re so expensive! I can get Frankincense for $15 some dollars here, and they want to charge me like $90!!” We had a good laugh. And I’ve lived to eat those words. Because I’ve bought that bottle of Frankincense (which only costs me $69, by the way) from dōTERRA and absolutely love it and use it every day, and I’ve bought many more oils besides! And not only that, I loved the oils and the company so much that I very quickly decided that this was a company I wanted to work for!

I’m so glad I made those changes. I’m so glad I met my friend, Alicia, and that she offered to give me some oils to try. I’m so glad she and several other women educated me on the oils, and I’m so glad I bought that first kit and started learning more and more and more!

What is dōTERRA?

dōTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world. They are passionate about producing ethically sustainable essential oils in the purest, most potent form possible. They care about the earth and the people they work with, providing jobs and sourcing their oils from around the world. They don’t monopolize the industry by buying it all up, but instead they seek to work with the local peoples in the perfect areas of the world for each plant material. The planting, harvest, distillation, and testing of each oil is monitored and tested to ensure the highest quality oils possible. All of the testing is done in a third party facility, and each oil has to run through 6 levels of testing before it’s ready to sell. You can read this page to learn more.

What does all of that mean for you and me? It means that we can be 100% certain that our oils are pure, are of highest quality, and are safe to use for ourselves and our families.

Still not sure? dōTERRA also has a site called Source to You. It’s a place where you can go and learn more about the bottle of oil you are holding. You can even enter the number on the bottom of your bottle and see the test results from that batch of oil! Above and beyond is just dōTERRA’s way!

Why dōTERRA Over Other Companies?


A lot of what I just explained above is why I chose dōTERRA. Because no other company does this. No other company is so committed to purity, to standards, to ethics, to sustainability, to working with indigenous peoples and sourcing oils the way they do… No other company is like dōTERRA!

But I have a few others reasons, too.

The essential oil industry is a mess in that there is no regulatory body. Oil companies can essentially say whatever they want to and sell oils as “natural” “pure” and “therapeutic,” when in fact they are full of fillers and dilutions. I’ve read that only a fraction of the oil has to be 100% pure for them to label the entire bottle as 100% pure. And so on. Adulterations happen very frequently, so it was so important to me to be sure I could really trust my oils! dōTERRA has proven to be completely trustworthy, in my opinion!

dōTERRA’s oils are incredible. They really are. I’ve never used purer, higher quality oils! They are the most incredible oils you will ever experience. I am very confident of that! They work, they work well, and they bless me and my family each and every time we use them.

dōTERRA is also an amazing company to buy from and to work for. I have absolutely loved the community I’ve gained with my oils, the support, education, and general love that has surrounded me on my journey. It’s been beyond belief, really, and I would never have thought it possible before I started with dōTERRA.

My Personal Journey with doTERRA

I was desperate.

I was desperate for change. For relief. For freedom from the awful monotony of sickness, doctor visits, antibiotics and medicines that only made my body worse. I was in such a weak place before I began my journey to health. I was suffering each day with awful pain and symptoms that were out of control.

When I started using dōTERRA I saw immediate changes in my body. I saw immediate relief for myself and my family from so many things! I saw us take a huge step back from all the doctor visits and all the medicines. I saw my children thrive like they hadn’t before. They had stronger immune systems, were unwell less and less, and bounced back from things in record timing. I saw my husband find natural energy for his body instead of the cups and cups of coffee he drank and the resulting headaches he suffered.

I saw little skin issues and irritations and cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns be gently soothed and quickly relieved naturally, without a chemical in sight. I saw myself replacing toxin after toxin and chemical after chemical in my home with natural, pure, 100% plant-derived essential oils. And I saw myself changing for the better, too. My mindset had switched. I no longer felt like I was chained to this old system, this repetitious cycle of being sick and merely treating the symptoms. Natural medicine, essential oils, and herbal remedies became very central in our healthcare, and it changed literally everything we did.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a doTERRA wholesale customer, click here! 

Why I Chose to Join the Business

I wasn’t crazy about it, at first. I’m a busy mom with 3 kids and I just thought that working from home might be impossible. I’m so glad I was wrong!

After a little while using the oils I just knew I couldn’t keep all this goodness to myself. I was so changed, so drastically different health-wise because of the oils, and I wanted to share that with everyone! I started sharing with a few people, had a few people interested and they signed up as customers, and then they shared with friends and they signed up, and it just started spiraling.

I realized very quickly that this was a fun and relatively easy business to run from my home. It’s basically just doing something I love every day! I can get my kids involved and we make things and learn about oils and experience them, and then I take those experiences and teach and share with others. And that’s all I do! I’ve found that there are a lot of other people in the world hungry for the same change I was hungry for! And my job is to share a little bit of light and hope with them, and it’s an amazingly beautiful job.

I chose to join dōTERRA because I’m passionate about helping others simplify their healthcare by using natural things from the earth that God created. It’s such a beautiful and rewarding work!

If you are interested in learning more about creating a sustainable business with doTERRA, click here! 

Why dōTERRA?

To sum all of that up, why did I choose doTERRA?

Because doTERRA’S oils are like no other oils in their purity, potency, and quality. Because they are committed to sustainable, ethical sourcing and partnerships. Because they truly care about the people that buy their oils and they work hard to educate and provide resources for learning more. Because the oils do work, so effectively, and are changing lives one drop at a time. Because I wanted to break free from the cycle and take charge of my own healthcare. Because I wanted to bless my family with natural medicines that won’t give them harmful side effects. Because I wanted to create a fun and sustainable business from my home. Because here I have an opportunity to not only change my family’s life, but many other families’ lives as well. Because purity matters, integrity matters, and healthy families matter.

As always, reach out to me with any questions!!

Love, Laura

 I’m a doterra Wellness Advocate, and I love doing what I do! If you are interested in learning more about essential oils or want to find out how you can get them at a huge discount, feel free to email me at nurturingsimplicity@gmail.com, or check out these pages: Become a Wholesale Customer and Work with Me!



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