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If you're here, I'm betting you love essential oils! You probably want to learn how to use them daily, and you want to bring simple, natural health and wellness to your family!

You've come to such a great place!

I am looking for people just like you to join my amazing team of oil users!

Here are the answers to questions you may be asking:

What do I get when I join?

  • tons of one-on-one support from me and my team. I want to make sure you love your oils and that you learn how to use them daily! You'll be able to email/text me directly with any questions you may have.
  • Access to my members-only Facebook group. This is where I share education, where you can ask questions and learn and grow and meet new friends who all love oils like you do!
  • A welcome gift from me as a thank-you for joining my team
  • oils, of course!

What's the cost of joining?

There are two options for joining as a wholesale member:

  1. Pay the Membership fee and pick the oils you want to purchase. When you create a wholesale membership there's a one-time fee of $35. That includes a membership packet and a wholesale membership for one year. After the first year, each year you'll have a $25 re-enrollment fee (you'll also be receiving a free bottle of peppermint oil when you renew, which has a retail value of $27.33!). Then just pick the oils and products you'd like! 
  2. Purchase an enrollment kit and the enrollment fee is waived. Enrollment kits start at $150. These will include a selection of popular oils, and other products, depending on which kit you choose. This is the most popular option because you end up saving money on the fee. You also save money purchasing the oils together rather than separately (see below for more details on kits!)

How much can I save by joining?

When you join as a wholesale member you'll receive 25% off of ALL of doTERRA's products! 

You'll also have the option to sign up for promotions and create an LRP order, all of which can help save you money and earn EVEN MORE back in free products! 

Are there monthly fees or costs?

There are no monthly fees, and there is no commitment. You buy what you want, when you want it! 

Do I have to sell oils?

Absolutely not! You don't have to do a thing but enjoy using your oils. Of course, we hope you'll share your love of oils with your friends! And you can always upgrade to a Wellness Advocate for free if you decide you'd like to sell at some point! (If you are interested in selling oils, you'll need to go here

How do I join?

It's simple!

  • Just click here (you'll be directed to my doterra site).
  • Click "Join and Save" at the top of the screen.
  • Select Wholesale Customer
  • Follow the prompts, add your info, and select the kit (or oils) you'd like. Most people start with the Family Essentials or Home Essentials kit, and both are amazing kits to begin with! 
  • That's it! You're all set! You should be receiving emails from doTERRA letting you know your order has been received, and I'll be getting an email telling me you've joined! I'll contact you soon to see if you have questions and to help get you started!! 

What comes in the starter kits?

My two favorite kits come with ten essential oils and blends:

  • Frankincense (the King of oils, great for skin and cells and so much!) 
  • Lavender (great for sleep, skin, and relaxation! Learn More...
  • Lemon (Clean with it, bake with it, purify with it, detox with it... lemon is just incredible! Learn More...)
  • Melaleuca (aka "tea tree." germ fighter, cleanser, etc. Learn More... )
  • Oregano (powerful immune support and germ fighter. Learn More...
  • Peppermint (improves digestion, energy, mental function, and more! Learn More...)
  • On Guard (protective immune support blend. Learn More...
  • DigestZen (digestive support blend) 
  • Deep Blue (muscle support blend) 
  • Breathe (respiratory support blend)

Family Essentials Kit: $150 | Save $36.50 | Includes the 10 oils in the smaller 5 mL bottles, peppermint and On Guard beadlets (125 tiny veggie capsules with 1 drop of oil), and the doTERRA Essentials Introductory booklet. 

Home Essentials Kit: $275 | Save $86.50 | Includes the 10 oils in large 15 mL bottles (deep blue is a 5 mL bottle), a petal diffuser, and the doTERRA Essentials Introductory Booklet. 

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