Hey! I’m Laura! I’m so happy you’ve stumbled on my little corner of the internet!

I am a wife and mama of three littles. I work part-time from home selling natural medicine and educating others. I also homeschool my kids, and we have a 1/3 of an acre “homestead” in the city where we are learning to raise chickens, 1 cat, a huge garden, and prepare traditional, whole foods.

One of my favorite places to be is in the kitchen. I’m constantly trying out new recipes (or just making things up as I go!) and learning about whole, healthy foods and how we can benefit from them in our diet. I’m fascinated by traditional foods that our ancestors ate, and am working on incorporating more of fermented, cultured, brewed and curded things into our diet. It’s a constant process, but one that we are absolutely loving!!

I’m also so in love with nature and being outside. You will often find me exploring a new trail with my family, digging in my garden, or just snapping pictures of all the beauty I find around me. I enjoy learning about plants and how they can support our bodies in so many incredible ways! You could call me a bit of a wild soul.

In the social media world you can find me most often on Instagram, where I post daily encouragement, support, and education. I enjoy this avenue of my business and would love for you to follow me and consider joining my “tribe” of women who are seeking to change the way we live, to simplify life, to enjoy our families and homes, to nurture our families and ourselves, and to love deeply! If you’re interested in learning more about how you can create a fun and sustainable business in your own home, please contact me!

I’m a Christian, saved by grace alone through faith alone. I’m passionate about living a different sort of life, a life that proclaims the goodness of the Lord and shows others Christ’s love. I often write my thoughts and heart-ponderings down in this space, and I hope you’ll be encouraged and strengthened by what you find here.

I’m also happy to answer questions and would love to know you better, so feel free to leave a comment or contact me at nurturingsimplicity@gmail.com! I’d love to hear from you!



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