15 Ways to Use Patchouli Essential Oil

I’ve recently fallen in love with a new essential oil.


The funny thing is, I always thought I hated patchouli. I’ve smelled it in many fragrances and even by itself in the cheap essential oil bottles from the store, and I just couldn’t stand it. So when my team announced we were going to be learning about and teaching about this oil this month, I was a bit disappointed. I mean, I love essential oils, but I don’t love spending money on ones that I don’t love.

But I’m a team player, so I ordered my bottle of patchouli and when it arrived I opened it first thing. Wow. It was incredible! Thank you, doTERRA, for being committed to purity and for only selling the highest quality oils possible. Because, seriously, patchouli has become my buddy these past few weeks and I seriously can’t get enough of its earthy smell.

It’s pretty incredible how you can smell the purity in these oils.

So, What is Patchouli?

Patchouli is a leafy herb, native to tropical regions of Asia.  It’s part of the same family as lavender, mint, and sage. The word “patchouli” comes from Hindustan word “pacholi,” which means “to scent.” Apparently Indian shawls and other fabrics were often scented with patchouli (possibly because it works well as a moth-repellent!). Some say that it became the mark of true “Oriental” fabrics. These fabrics had to be scented with Patchouli to be considered genuine! People only wanted “authentic” Oriental fabrics that smelled of patchouli. The English and French caught on fast, though, and started manufacturing “fakes.”

Patchouli is still a smell that invokes the sense of the exotic, or foreign cultures, of earthiness and deepness. 

Fun Fact: apparently Patchouli’s quality changes with age, and tends to get deeper and better as it ages. Just like wine. 

Patchouli is often thought of as the “hippie oil” since it was an often-used oil of the hippie generation. Because many people in the 60s lived “free” lives and didn’t bathe often, they used patchouli to mask the smell! Patchouli’s history is much more ancient, though, and it has been used for centuries as a natural perfume because of it’s musky fragrance.

Here are 15 ways to use Patchouli!

  1. Patchouli is rich in patchoulol, a chemical component that is very grounding and balancing for moods and emotions. Apply 1-2 drops to the back of your neck, to your temples, or diffuse it! Bonus: add peppermint oil to make an even more refreshing blend after a long day!
  2. Patchouli is incredible for skin care! It can help balance and brighten skin tone, tighten and tone skin, reduce appearance of blemishes, scars, and imperfections, and cleanse your skin. I’ve been using it on my face for a while now and I am loving the difference! Make this DIY moisturizing face cream with essential oils for an even deeper relief for dry skin. Patchouli is considered one of the best remedies for dry, cracked, itchy skin! Additionally, patchouli actually can cause the muscles to contract, so it can help tighten sagging skin, too!
  3. Combine patchouli and vetiver and apply to the bottoms of your feet when you’re feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. These two work together super well to help ease tension and stress. Do this after a long day, or right before bed to help deeply relax your body. You can also add these to a warm bath! 
  4. Create your own natural perfume or cologne with patchouli! Try combining it with lime, lavender, bergamot, sandalwood, geranium, rose, jasmine, neroli, or clary sage essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil.
  5. Patchouli cleanses really well, so it’s a great choice to clean cuts and scrapes and wounds with. It protects the skin around the injury and prevents it from getting worse by fighting germs and bacteria. 
  6. Use patchouli to reduce signs of aging on the face. It has powerful properties that can help lessen scarring and reduce wrinkle lines. Blend with frankincense, rose, or helichrysum.
  7. Patchouli has anti-fungal properties, so it’s incredibly helpful when dealing with fungus issues on the feet or other areas of the body. Apply to feet (mix with oregano or meleleuca) or add to a bath with sea salt. It’s also very helpful to apply it to the scalp to deal with dry, itchy, flaky skin issues. It will help balance oiliness as well as strengthen the skin.
  8. Patchouli is commonly used in aromatherapy because of how it eases stress and anxious feelings. It encourages the body to release serotonin and dopamine, hormones that enhance feelings of happiness, motivation, and reward. Add 4-6 drops to your diffuser (it’s beautiful blended with citrus or floral oils) and inhale deeply for several minutes. You can also just place a few drops in your hands, cup them, and inhale deeply. 
  9. Patchouli is high in properties that help to ease inflammation in the body. It can be a very effective oil for people with major inflammatory issues. Simply rub 4-5 drops of patchouli (diluted) onto the area that is hurting or inflamed.
  10. Because of how well it eases inflammation and swelling, patchouli is a great choice for someone who has a high temperature. Apply patchouli and peppermint diluted to the feet and spine. It will help their body feel cooler and can actually help to lower the temps a bit! 
  11. Patchouli oil is a tonic! This means it can helps tone your liver, stomach and intestines and is incredible for your overall health. This can help increase your ability to absorb foods and nutrients, and in return you’ll benefit from having more energy. Try inhaling patchouli every day, or take 1-2 drops in tea or water.
  12. Patchouli is incredible for hormones. It can increase libido, and can help with other intimacy issues as well. It helps to boost testosterone and estrogen levels slightly, which can have a huge impact on your hormone balance and on your sexual health. 
  13. Patchouli is a great bug repellent. Add it to your favorite homemade bug spray (here’s my recipe for bug spray), diffuse it, add it to an outdoor candle or lantern. It’s also helpful for inside insects like bed bugs, lice, fleas, and moths. You can add it to shampoo or laundry detergent or baking soda and sprinkle it on carpets to help get rid of these pests.
  14. Make a natural deodorant with Patchouli. It has a perfect scent for masking body odors, and because it cleanses and kills germs it will help to deodorize the area naturally. I like to make my own stick deodorant with essential oils, but you could simply add this to a bit of cornstarch or arrowroot powder, or make a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil.
  15. Patchouli is a great help for improving sleep. Apply it topically or diffuse before bed to help the body relax. It eases your mind and body and helps you to sleep deeply and well.

Do you love Patchouli? What are your favorite ways to use it?

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